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Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Judge: Airport agency owes $24 million for land
The Morning Call, Allentown, PA - Sep 30, 2008
...As the airport authority bought up WBF's neighboring properties or seized them through eminent domain, the developer filed suit in late 1996. In 1998, a court agreed with WBF that the airport's expansion plans amounted to seizing WBF's land through eminent domain...

Follow the Leader
The York Daily Record, Sep 30, 2008
...In the aftermath of the controversy over use of eminent domain at Lauxmont Farms, Mr. Leader gave some members of our editorial board a tour of the projects in which eminent domain had played a positive and productive role in rejuvenating the city...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, September 29, 2008
Power project pact not panacea
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PA - Sep 28, 2008
...Part of that support includes no "unacceptable and unreasonable" restrictions from the Greene County Planning Commission regarding the construction of the line or power station, and the authority to seize property by eminent domain...

A reporter bicycles the old Enola railroad line and finds a treasure
Sunday News, Lancaster, PA - Sep 28, 2008
...Legal wrangling over the abandoned line continued sporadically for years. In 2004, with an eye toward speeding up the multi-use trail idea, the county tried to seize the land by eminent domain. But the Solanco municipalities that host the corridor successfully resisted the move in court...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Friday, September 26, 2008
Commissioners vote down Hay Creek Trail project
WFMZ-TV, Allentown, PA - Sep 25, 2008
...This morning, the Berks County commissioners voted down the 9.7-mile trail project. County officials said only 12 of the 55 land owners that the trail would have affected were on board with the idea...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, September 25, 2008
Berks Commissioners to vote on Hay Creek Trail
WFMZ-TV, Allentown, PA - Sep 25, 2008
...The 9.7 mile trail through southern Berks County has been a topic of debate for about a year after the county mentioned the possibility of taking property for the trail by eminent domain. Only 12 of the 55 affected homeowners agreed to the plan...

Historical Society to release Oil Memories calendar during Applefest
The Derrick, Oil City, PA - Sep 25, 2008
...Jean Boggio, author of "Stolen Fields: A Story of Eminent Domain and the Death of the American Dream", and Penney White, a Franklin native and author of "42 Letters Home" will be on hand for book signings...

Berks County to drop controversial trail plans
WFMZ-TV, Allentown, PA - Sep 24, 2008
...But things heated up last year around this time when the county mentioned the possibility of eminent domain. And that may be what brings all this trail talk to an end...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Gas company to take control of Bedford County residential properties
WJAC-TV, Johnstown, PA - Sep 23, 2008
...Many of the residents took the storage clause out of their leases, and now they are being sued by Spectra in federal court for eminent domain. The decision is just one of the legal actions taken by Spectra against the landowners...

Gas storage facility allowed to continue
The Tribune-Democrat, Johnstown, PA - Sep 23, 2008
...The Steckman Ridge project about 20 miles east of Bedford is a gas storage facility to be built on about 1,800 acres. It is being developed by Spectra Energy of Texas and New Jersey Resources...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Greene powerline project derailed
The Herald Standard, Uniontown, PA - Sep 23, 2008
...Allegheny Energy/TrailCo has agreed not to attempt to use eminent domain or to go through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to have the decision by the administrative law judges of the PUC overturned...

Allegheny Energy agrees to change power-line route
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA - Sep 23, 2008
...In Pennsylvania, Allegheny Energy would have built a 37-mile, 500,000-volt line from a new substation in Dunkard, Greene County, to a new substation in North Strabane, Washington County. Three smaller, 138,000-volt lines totaling 15 miles in length would be constructed to connect with existing lines. Under the proposed settlement, most of the above is out...

Washington, most of Greene won't get high-power line
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PA - Sep 22, 2008
...In exchange for dropping their plan for the 36-mile Pennsylvania project and for returning rights-of-way to local property owners, Allegheny Energy will get support from local officials for the much larger multistate project, including a 1.2-mile segment through Greene County...

Allegheny Energy to reroute power line
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Associated Press) - Sep 22, 2008
...Allegheny Energy has negotiated deals during the past year with Pennsylvania property owners to allow for the one mile of line that will run through the area, Snyder said...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, September 22, 2008
Issue of 'paper alley' not resolved
Evening Sun, Hanover, PA - Sep 22, 2008
...After reviewing the issue, borough Solicitor Michelle Pokrifka from the CGA Law Firm last week told council if a piece of land has remained unopened for 21 years or more, it cannot be opened without approval of 51 percent of the adjacent landowners or by eminent domain...

W.Va. landowners get eminent domain reminders
Charleston Daily Mail, WV (Associated Press) - Sep 22, 2008
...The state Public Service Commission approved the construction of the Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line across 120 miles of north central West Virginia. The line would connect Pennsylvania and Virginia...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Editorial: 'We the People"; 222 years later, and still vibrant
The Daily Review, Towanda, PA - Sep 18, 2008
...a rejection of the idea of sweeping “executive privilege.” Likewise, the poll revealed strong support for checks on the executive power of eminent domain...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Pipeline push worries Chester County farmers
The Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - Sep 18, 2008
...If a landowner refuses to sell a right-of-way for the line, the company can ask FERC for permission to condemn it. "The power of eminent domain is the one power that trumps everything else," Evans-Stanton said. "In this case, the government is using it for private projects. It is unfortunate."...

Plans for natural gas pipeline through Franklin County on display
Chambersburg Public Opinion, PA - Sep 18, 2008
...The gas utility has the right of eminent domain after proving the route for its transmission line to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, but even then the property owner would receive fair market value for the right of way, Donovan said...

Elderly residents resist land purchase for park
The Mercury, Pottstown, PA - Sep 18, 2008
...Jones, who acknowledged that Jim and Sue Umstead are members of his church, is not convinced by the township's public statements. He said the elderly couples are still at risk of condemnation or eminent domain...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
GVSD buys 50 acres for $6.6M
The Phoenix, Phoenixville, PA - Sep 17, 2008
...McGarrigle characterized the purchase as "a very friendly transaction between the district and the owners of the property," Highmount Investments LP, and suggested that purchasing land now may prevent ugly eminent-domain proceedings in the future...

Borough to borrow $1 million
The Daily Collegian, State College, PA - Sep 17, 2008
...Goreham added the borough used the power of eminent domain -- by which government seizes a private property for the public good -- to obtain the Medical Arts Building, 201 to 213 W. Beaver Ave...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, September 15, 2008
Poll: Americans skeptical of giving president more power
Morning Call, Allentown, PA (Associated Press) - Sep 15, 2008
...In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that governments may seize people's homes and businesses — even against their will — for private economic development when there is a corresponding public purpose of bringing more jobs and tax revenue. In the new poll of people's views on the Constitution, 75 percent disagreed. Opposition to the government power known as eminent domain was as strong among liberals as conservatives...

Nuangola residents fear effects of new sewer plan
The Citizens' Voice, Wilkes-Barre, PA - Sep 14, 2008
...If the property owners do not cooperate, the authority can secure the needed land without the owners’ consent through eminent domain. The authority voted to start the eminent domain proceedings in July for the needed 30-feet easements...

Court upholds ruling
The York Daily Record, PA - Sep 14, 2008
An appeals court recently upheld a ruling that the city's Redevelopment Authority did not act in bad faith while negotiating for land in the Northwest Triangle. The RDA is trying to acquire land owned by Ohio Blenders, which makes alfalfa products, through eminent domain...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Friday, September 12, 2008
Changing Skyline: Time to halt the spread of city parking lots
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - Sep 12, 2008
...In 1998, the city Redevelopment Authority used its eminent-domain powers to seize a row of small shops and restaurants that provided the background context for Reading Terminal across the street. Once those atmospheric 19th-century brick buildings were razed, the land was transferred to Parkway Corp.'s Joseph Zuritsky...

Film puts spotlight on redevelopment
The York Daily Record, PA - Sep 11, 2008
...He set out in 2006 to make a film about the baseball stadium and the use of eminent domain for private development. As the film developed, it grew into a story about the ideas of house and home, "the value of family and memories versus the appraised value of the brick and mortar," he said...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Route 228 expansion funding for Cranberry in jeopardy
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA - Sep 11, 2008
...Residents who live along the road have expressed concern about protecting property values and the possible use of eminent domain to expand the road, for which no state money has been allocated...

Court upholds Northwest Triangle ruling
The York Daily Record, PA - Sep 11, 2008
...The RDA is trying to acquire land owned by Ohio Blenders, which makes alfalfa products, through eminent domain. Plans for the Northwest Triangle, a mixed-use development project bordered by the Codorus Creek and West Philadelphia and North George streets, call for townhomes to be built there...

County officials: Mail deals bring savings
The York Daily Record, PA - Sep 11, 2008
...Meanwhile, the county faces serious budget questions. It's grappling with increasing demands on its services, expensive capital projects such as a Government Center renovation and hefty settlement payments for past eminent domain decisions...

Business owner questions borough land transfer
The Clarion News, Clarion, PA - Sep 11, 2008
...Clarion Borough Council recently agreed to go along with a CAA plan to take the land through eminent domain proceedings. The CAA is in the process of selling its sewage collection and treatment system – which would then include the land in question – to Pennsylvania American Water Co...

County renews promise not to sell Covington land
The Times-Tribune, Scranton, PA - Sep 11, 2008
...Both county and township officials have always wanted the land to be used for recreational use and athletic fields, but the threat of part of it being sold caused Covington Township to file an eminent domain lawsuit in August 2004 against the county...

Kline supers move to take over house
The Standard-Speaker, Hazleton, PA - Sep 11, 2008
...Township supervisors on Monday authorized the solicitor to file the necessary paperwork in Schuylkill County to obtain a property at 34 Snyder Ave. through the process of eminent domain...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Mehoopany signs BP pact
The New Age Examiner, Tunkhannock, PA - Sep. 10, 2008
...Township solicitor Jim Davis said eminent domain would be used, if necessary. He added the road is owned by the township. About a dozen residents upset with the proposed agreements attended the meeting...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Tuesday, September 09, 2008
No boat ramp planned
Bucks County Courier Times, Levittown, PA - Sep 9, 2008
...Borough officials have been trying since 1988 to acquire the site, formerly called the Bristol Steel Treatment Plant. After a prolonged court battle, the town acquired the parcel under eminent domain...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, September 08, 2008
GAF prep begins
Erie Times-News, PA - Sep 8, 2008
...After months of waiting, the port authority in March authorized the use of an eminent domain procedure to gain access to the site. Shortly after that, GAF began discussions with Sinnott to allow consultants on the site...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, September 04, 2008
Clarion authority assumes ownership of property
The Derrick, Oil City, PA - Sep 4, 2008
...said the authority has decided to assume ownership through the process of eminent domain and will pay fair market value. The land is owned by the borough but located next to the treatment plant in Monroe Township...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Area Authority: Work won't disrupt downtown business
The Clarion News, Clarion, PA - Sep 2, 2008
...The land would be owned outright – on a fee-simple basis – rather than as a right-of-way as in previous takings by the authority, and the authority will pay fair market value for the property, as with all eminent domain takings...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, September 01, 2008
Allegheny Energy remains on course with plan for power line in Washington, Greene counties
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PA - Aug 31, 2008
...Spawned by the 2003 blackout in the Northeast, the Act also allows the federal government to seize private property by eminent domain. The U.S. Department of Energy designated a National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor over a large swath of the Northeast, including 52 of Pennsylvania's 67 counties...

Borough seizes land from William Penn
The Evening Sun, Hanover, PA - Aug 30, 2008
..."Basically, if there is no deed recorded anywhere in Pennsylvania on some parcel of ground, then it's presumed the last person that had title to it was the grant given to William Penn by the king of England,"...

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