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Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Friday, June 29, 2007
Eminent-domain twist: from one developer to another
Central Penn Business Journal, Harrisburg, PA - June 29, 2007
That is the question that has surfaced in an eminent-domain case in Schuylkill County, where the county’s redevelopment authority might seize 1.5 acres to support the construction of an ethanol plant...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, June 28, 2007
Hanover firm to do Gettysburg redevelopment
Evening Sun, Hanover, PA - June 28, 2007
...said in 2003 the borough could use eminent domain to seize property for the project. But in the end, nobody was forced out, Monahan said...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Local health system's remake to be most intense after 2009
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, PA - June 27, 2007
...Only three property owners, she added, have resisted the process to the point that purchase of their properties requires the city’s Redevelopment Authority to initiate the eminent domain review process and potentially seek a court-ordered sale...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Anti-eminent domain group reports finances
Evening Sun, Hanover, PA - June 26, 2007
...Right before the primary, the political committee Citizens Against Eminent Domain Abuse received more than $8,000 in in-kind contributions...

Legal objections filed over Huber eminent domain
The Citizens Voice, Wilkes-Barre, PA - June 26, 2007
No. 1 Contracting Corp. has filed legal objections to Luzerne County's decision to take 8.3 acres surrounding the historic Huber Breaker through eminent domain...

LA Film Fest review: The town that was, CA - June 25, 2007
...Considering the government has condemned all of the property and seized all of the land in Centralia through eminent domain, it would appear to be a hopeless cause...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, June 25, 2007
Q&A with Jim Ettelson: Good side of eminent domain
The Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - June 25, 2007
The words eminent domain can send shivers up the spine of property owners...

College, city strike deal on former annex
Standard-Speaker, Hazleton, PA - June 24, 2007
...County commissioners have begun eminent domain proceedings to take the former Security Savings building on West Broad Street for renovation as a courthouse annex...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Friday, June 22, 2007
Pirolli offers insight into Ifshin extension
Bucks County Courier Times, Levittown, PA - June 22, 2007
...In the press release, Pirolli points out that if the borough were to obtain Ifshin's 50-acre property at Route 13 and Levittown Parkway through eminent domain, "it would be very costly and it could then only be used for public projects: roads, parks and government buildings."...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, June 21, 2007
Trio delays action on Town Center
Bucks County Courier Times, Levittown, PA - June 21, 2007
...the Czyzyk-Armstrong-Fox team said it wouldn't comment on its idea of using eminent domain to try to obtain Ifshin's 50-acre property at Levittown Parkway and Route 13...

Paperwork snag threatens sale of Clarion Area Authority system
The Clarion News, Clarion, PA - June 21, 2007
...As part of the sales agreement with PAW the authority must secure all rights of way for sewer lines, and the authority has the eminent domain power to force the sale of right of ways at fair-market value through court action...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Input wanted at hearing to decide 'blight'
The Republican & Herald, Pottsville, PA - June 19, 2007
..."The exercise of the power of eminent domain is a derogation of property rights and, as such, should only be employed in strict compliance with the law and with the utmost consideration by the agency," wrote attorney K. Robert Bertram in a letter to the county board...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, June 18, 2007
Finance reports filed
The York Daily Record, PA - June 18, 2007
...For now, CAEDA is taking a break for the summer, but it plans to be active again in the fall. There are still other eminent domain cases that need to be addressed, Aiken said...

Broken homes series: Communities fight back
The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA - June 17, 2007
...It's so difficult determining minimum requirements, and there's the question of eminent domain proceedings." Often, landlords take advantage of the system, Cigler said...

Broken homes series: 'I just can't picture people living like this'
The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA - June 16, 2007
...Demolition, he said, is a last resort. The city has yet to begin eminent domain proceedings as a route to clearing blights...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Friday, June 15, 2007
PPL eyeing new reactor at Susquehanna plant
The Morning Call, Allentown, PA - June 15, 2007
...Transmitting electricity generated by the new reactor could also require erecting high-tension power lines -- itself a highly contentious issue that can involve confiscation of private property rights through eminent domain....

Mitrick, Kilgore outline challenges in State of County address
York Dispatch, PA - June 15, 2007
...The absence might seem remarkable considering the project dominated county-related headlines for most of their time in office, and their use of eminent domain to create it is credited with their losses in the May primary elections...

Editorial: Donation box or not, Flight 93 Memorial is wrong
The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA - June 15, 2007
...If not, though, Families for Flight 93 President Ed Root threatens that the use of eminent domain to forcibly take the property is not “off the table.”...

Woda backs away from land dispute
Altoona Mirror, PA - June 15, 2007
...After the township used its eminent domain power in February to take ownership of the property, Woda could not claim tax credits from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency...

County looks to scare up bids for Camp Hill's 'spooky house'
Patriot-News, Harrisburg, PA - June 15, 2007
...the home was condemned and taken through eminent domain by the Cumberland County Redevelopment Authority on April 17....

Neshannock couple wants agency dissolved
New Castle News, PA - June 14, 2007
...Because the agency and Whittakers did not agree on a price, the redevelopment authority filed a declaration of taking in common pleas court to try to purchase their property through eminent domain...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, June 14, 2007
Luzerne advised against offender law
Times-Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA - June 14, 2007
...Santayana said he should be reimbursed because some borough officials felt that the problem could not be remedied and the structure should be demolished. Motions by some council members to seize the property by eminent domain did not have enough votes to pass in December...

Energy corridor designation draws opposition during hearings on federal policy
The Herald Standard, Uniontown, PA - June 13, 2007
...Stout said he has questions about national security if major transmission lines are put through rural areas that cannot be protected. He also questioned the eminent domain provisions of the law...

Redevelopment authority votes to negotiate for properties
The Herald Standard, Uniontown, PA - June 13, 2007
...He said the property owners are cooperating in the negotiations, but the authority can use eminent domain if necessary to obtain the lots."We really don't want to use eminent domain, but we have eminent domain as a tool," Yauger said...

Gas compressor construction to start soon
Evening Sun, Hanover, PA - June 13, 2007
...Many were concerned the station would pose a safety risk while others were upset at Texas Eastern Transmission LP's threat of exercising eminent domain if property owners did not sell land needed for the project...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Bryn Mawr wrestles with a makeover
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - Jun. 13, 2007
...Some residents have questioned whether SEPTA will claim properties by eminent domain. Township officials say that won't happen...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, June 11, 2007
Power line opponents to have their say
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PA - Jun. 11, 2007
...State Sen. J. Barry Stout, D-Bentleyville, plans to testify before the DOE at Wednesday's hearing and said the federal government should not have the power of eminent domain over local property owners...

Opinion - Carl J. Link: New lines won't fix power grid system
Pocono Record, Stroudsburg, PA - Jun. 9, 2007
...If the national government needs to do anything with its power of eminent domain, it should find a site for a nuclear power plant along the Hudson River or some other large body of water. The era of building nuclear plants in remote locations should be over...

Editorial: Flight 93 land squabble
The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA - Jun. 8, 2007
...The National Park Service is not permitted to use eminent domain to take the property. Somerset County could do so legally, but Tokar-Ickes said the county is disinclined to take that course...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, June 07, 2007
Flight 93 eminent domain land grab unlikely
The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA - Jun. 7, 2007
...When Congress created the Flight 93 National Memorial, it did not give the National Park Service the authority to acquire properties through eminent domain...

Ardmore's future is now clearer
Main Line Life, Ardmore, PA - Jun. 7, 2007
...After a long community debate and changes in state law, the township's use of its eminent domain powers to take private properties for economic development is off the table...

Ifshin granted extension for Levittown Town Center
Bucks County Courier Times, Levittown, PA - Jun. 7, 2007
...And the developer told the council that he would fight any effort to take the center by eminent domain, a suggestion brought up during the primary election ...

Leaders queried over land seizure
The Republican & Herald, Pottsville, PA - Jun. 7, 2007
...Valley View campaign organizer and former Carbon County commissioner John "Bud" Angst told the Schuylkill County board Wednesday that failure to stop condemnation of 1.5607 acres sought for road improvements near the site would send a message to property owners...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Souderton buildings to come down soon
Souderton Independent, PA - Jun. 6, 2007
...Souderton took possession of those buildings by eminent domain in May of last year. The borough paid $445,000 for the properties, planning to make them into a downtown parking lot that would support a planned increase in the number of retail storefronts ...

Donation box at heart of Flight 93 memorial tiff
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA - Jun. 6, 2007
...He alluded to the fact Congress had authorized a national memorial on that land and that eminent domain could be an option...

Sewer fight continues
The York Daily Record, PA - Jun. 6, 2007
...There, Kohr told the sewer authority and a crowd of about 70 that eminent domain use could be costly for taxpayers...

Resolution opposes national interest electric transmission corridors
The Herald Standard, Uniontown, PA - Jun. 6, 2007
...Under the federal act, the Department of Energy (DOE) may designate areas of the country as national interest electric transmission corridors. Within these areas, state authority over transmission lines may be pre-empted and new federal eminent domain authority would be available for approved electric utility projects...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, June 04, 2007
Opinion - Paul Jacob: A good neighbor
The Free Liberal, Woodbridge, VA - Jun. 4, 2007
...So here’s Ron Kohr, fresh from defending himself against an assault on his own property rights. Yet still taking the time and trouble to speak out on behalf of a fellow victim of eminent domain...

Critical vote on cemetery this week
The Intelligencer, Doylestown, PA - Jun. 3, 2007
...Continued delays have angered veterans, prompting them to call and e-mail the Courier Times asking why the VA doesn't take the Dolington property through eminent domain...

Authority wants $155,000 for blighted house
Patriot-News, Harrisburg, PA - Jun. 3, 2007
...the house will become the fourth blighted property the authority has seized through eminent domain countywide since the reinvestment board was formed in 1999...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Friday, June 01, 2007
Bypass leaves residents on wrong side of road
Pocono Record, Stroudsburg, PA - Jun 1, 2007
...Property in the Custard development, near Route 402, was taken by the state Transportation Department through eminent domain as part of the bypass project -- aimed at alleviating congestion on Route 209 by creating an alternative route...

Susquehanna Health project redefining neighborhood
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, PA - Jun. 1, 2007
...Four properties in the first phase of the project are in the hands of the city Redevelopment Authority and their owners could face eminent domain action...

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