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Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Friday, May 29, 2009
Plans heard for Lauxmont subdivision, treatment plant
The York Daily Record, May 29, 2009
...York County agreed to pay the Kohrs $23 million in October to buy a 187-acre parcel and settle lawsuits stemming from its use of eminent domain to take part of Lauxmont Farms for a park. The arrangement for the sewage treatment plant to be built on county property is allowed based on that settlement...

Opinion: Laurels & Lances
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA - May 29, 2009
..Lance: To the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Consider the case of the government using the bully pulpit of eminent domain to effectively seize a business it didn't like...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Commissioners propose raising hotel tax
The York Daily Record, PA - May 27, 2009
...President Commissioner Steve Chronister said a commission would do the same thing but with important legal distinctions. An authority can have taxing and eminent domain power, whereas a commission would not...

Public divided on city's gun reporting plan
Lancaster New Era, PA - May 27, 2009
...Also on Tuesday, council members voted unanimously for the "friendly taking" by eminent domain of 38 E. Marion St. The .09-acre property is a building behind City Hall which previously housed the city treasury...

Settlement reached on fire co. property
Montgomery Newspapers, PA - May 27, 2009
...the borough has reached a settlement with Pioneer Fire Co. to purchase the land at the fair market value of $500,000. Borough council voted to take the lot under eminent domain in October 2008 to construct a parking lot...

More snags in plans for Flight 93 memorial
WJAC-TV, Johnstown, PA - May 26, 2009
...In order for the September 11, 2010 dedication date to go as planned, construction has to begin right away. That's why the end of May was set as the deadline to get the land...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Nuangola eyes sewer plan changes
The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA - May 27, 2009
...Five Rice Township residents have taken their objections to the proposed route to court, in an attempt to avoid the eminent domain action launched by the Nuangola Sewer Authority. Council has suggested the sewer authority consider an alternative route shown on some maps attached to the approved Act 537 plan, but not on others...

City to take property
Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster, PA - May 27, 2009
...Those plans ended Tuesday with a vote by City Council to take the .09-acre property by eminent domain. Mayor Rick Gray has proposed using the site to expand City Hall by constructing a connected annex...

Trail access concerns aired
The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA - May 26, 2009
...“If you use eminent domain, there will be trouble,” he told the supervisors. Another resident gave the same warning...

Flight 93 commission vacancies to be filled by August
Daily American, Somerset, PA - May 26, 2009
...County Commissioner Pamela Tokar-Ickes and Stonycreek Township Supervisor Gregory A. Walker resigned separately from the advisory commission earlier this month because they opposed using eminent domain to acquire private property at the Flight 93 memorial site...

Naro resigns as Dunmore Borough Council president
The Times-Tribune, Scranton, PA - May 26, 2009
...Prior to leaving the meeting, Ms. Naro made a motion to sell the South Blakely Street property the borough acquired for $256,000 through eminent domain last year, citing feedback the land is "not the right place to put" a new volunteer firehouse...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, May 25, 2009
Editorial: A fitting memorial needn't be lavish
Observer-Reporter, Washington, PA - May 24, 2009
...Is it really necessary to spend $58 million and consume 2,200 acres - almost a quarter of it seized by eminent domain from people who don't want to be uprooted - in order to commemorate the heroism of the passengers? Wouldn't a single building on a five-acre plot be sufficient?

Editorial: Sports authority questions
The York Daily Record, York, PA - May 22, 2009
...Why must a legal authority -- which can have taxing and eminent domain power -- be created to accomplish that goal? Why would the county, which already has a Convention and Visitors Bureau, compete with itself?...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, May 21, 2009
Editorial: Flight 93 National Memorial needs to move ahead
The Herald Standard, Uniontown, PA - May 20, 2009
...Condemnation truly should be used only as a last resort. If it is impossible to reach agreements with the remaining landowners, then the government should take the land. But if discussions are still incomplete, then both sides should go back to the bargaining table...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Agri-business breaks ground
The Sentinel, Carlisle, PA - May 20, 2009
...Alfagreen looked at five locations for a warehouse, Vaupel stated, after its York County property was deemed blighted and taken by the York Redevelopment Authority through eminent domain in 2006 for the city’s Northwest Triangle development...

Three from Allegheny County hold lead in race for Commonwealth Court
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PA - May 20, 2009
...Commonwealth Court judges have jurisdiction over notable issues such as eminent domain, financial aid for injured workers, disputes over elections and civil actions against lawmakers. In addition, the court also hears appeals from the Common Pleas Courts.

Farmers market to open June 3 on the Square
The Sentinel, Carlisel, PA - May 19, 2009
...It is believed that site had been used as a farmers market from as early as 1764 to 1952 when the old market house was demolished and the farmers evicted by eminent domain. Debate over the use of that corner led to a legal battle fought up through the state Supreme Court, but ultimately the farmers were unsuccessful...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Authority acts on Brownsville blight
The Herald Standard, Uniontown, PA - May 19, 2009
...French said 30 properties in Brownsville have been surveyed, investigated and determined as blighted in accordance with the state's eminent domain code...

U.S. Department of Interior defends seizing Somerset County land
WJAC-TV, Johnstown, PA - May 18, 2009
...In an exclusive interview, Steve Whitesell, the department's Associate Director for Lands Management and Planning, said the use of eminent domain was necessary to ensure the memorial opens by September 11, 2011. Whitesell said, "We're at the deadline. We need to start proceeding with construction."...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, May 18, 2009
Homeowners try to gauge impact of redesign for Walnut Street-Progress Avenue intersection
The Patriot-News, Harrisburg, PA - May 18, 2009
...Arkin said she can refinance and make improvements, but she's not sure she should. "You're caught between a rock and a hard shell," she said. "Who's going to want to buy a property that has a possible eminent domain hanging over it?"...

"The Town That Was' puts a face on Centralia's story
The Morning Call, Allentown, PA - May 17, 2009
...The few holdouts who remained were promised they'd be allowed to keep living in their homes. In 1992, Pennsylvania declared eminent domain over the town and condemned all of the houses. The 11 people who remain are considered squatters in their own residences...

Area residents participate in new leadership training program
The Herald Standard, Uniontown, PA - May 17, 2009
...Most people (in the community) see this as a good thing but some people are still bitter about dealing with the state,'' Marietta said, explaining that Pennsylvania created the state park in ways that including taking private property through eminent domain...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Friday, May 15, 2009
Editorial: Eminent domain is the last step
Observer-Reporter, Washington, PA - May 15, 2009
...But the power of eminent domain should be a last resort - a way to deal with the stereotypical widow who refuses to budge when her house is in the way of the new superhighway. It shouldn't take the place of realistic discussions in which offers and counteroffers can be weighed and a figure agreed on...

Editorial: Courage to oppose wrongdoing
The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA - May 14, 2009
...And we would urge all of our readers to flood the phone lines, e-mail files and mail boxes of their elected officials, showing their opposition to the federal government’s willingness to trample on the Constitutional rights of citizens...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, May 14, 2009
Second county official resigns from Flight 93 commission
Our Town, Johnstown, PA - May 14, 2009
Another Flight 93 Federal Advisory Commission member has resigned because he opposes using eminent domain to acquire private property at the Flight 93 memorial site...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Flight 93 memorial organizer quits
New York Times, NY (Associated Press) - May 13, 2009
A member of a commission helping to organize a Flight 93 memorial has resigned because of the government’s plan to take property owners’ land in southwestern Pennsylvania for the project...

Officials quit Flight 93 panel
The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA - May 12, 2009
...Two local members of the Flight 93 Federal Advisory Commission are resigning, saying they strongly disagree with the federal government’s plan to condemn private property in order to build a memorial...

Sestak: Philly wants Tinicum land
The Delaware County Times, Primos, PA - May 12, 2009
...Under an agreement that expired in 2007, the city required township approval before it could buy land in Tinicum, but no new agreement has been reached. Philadelphia does not have eminent domain outside its borders...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Opinion - Brad Warbiany: Park service honors freedom's heroes by stomping on property rights
The Liberty Papers (blog) - May 11, 2009
...They claim it’s necessary to move this quickly because they can’t stand the idea of not completing this in time for 9/11/2011. Anyone want to take odds on them actually completing in time, even if they do get the land quickly?...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, May 11, 2009
Tinicum crying foul on new airport runway
The Delaware County Daily Times, Primos, PA - May 11, 2009
...township officials worry the city will use eminent domain to level 72 homes and 10 businesses in the 2nd Ward and acquire the 130-acre Henderson Tract. “They are also looking at the Tinicum Industrial Park — the former Westinghouse site,” Giancristoforo said...

Editorial: Despicable act by park service
The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA - May 8, 2009
...However, while we agree that the country should develop a permanent tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of the innocent victims who gave their lives on 9/11, we’d rather see no permanent memorial built than have the government use such devious means to move the project forward...

Park Service seeks to condemn land
Daily American, Somerset, PA - May 7, 2009
The National Park Service confirmed Thursday that the government has begun the process of taking land from seven property owners so construction can begin on the Flight 93 National Memorial...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Friday, May 08, 2009
Eminent domain process on land for 9/11 memorial under way
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA - May 8, 2009
...The National Park Service has begun the process of eminent domain to acquire land from seven Somerset County property owners and begin construction of the Flight 93 Memorial in time for a Sept. 11, 2011, opening...

Government to condemn land for 9/11 memorial
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PA - May 8, 2009
...Legislation to create the $58 million, 2,200-acre permanent memorial and national park about 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh stipulated in 2002 that federal officials should not use condemnation to acquire land. But in 2007, that part of the law was changed....

Gov't to take Flight 93 properties
The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA - May 8, 2009
...the public-private partnership now appears to have soured in some respects, culminating with Thursday’s announcement that the National Park Service will condemn about 500 acres of private land needed for the memorial...

U.S. plans to seize land for Flight 93 memorial
The Patriot-News, Harrisburg, PA - May 8, 2009
...But now that the U.S. government intends to take their land by eminent domain so the Flight 93 memorial can be built by the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, property owners said they're disappointed and surprised by the plan...

Flight 93 land may be seized through eminent domain
Daily American, Somerset, PA - May 6, 2009
...The park service is seeking eminent domain on six of his 163 acres. He was surprised because he had already agreed to donate that parcel. “Obviously, the park service has the right to do this if they want to,” Lambert said. “But I’ve been totally cooperative in this process and that’s what’s disappointing...

Heel's clicking, there's no place like York County
The York Daily Record, PA - May 6, 2009
...In the "Wizard of Law," her journey has a different purpose. Auntie Em's farm is threatened by eminent domain, and Dorothy must learn lawyer skills from the Wizard to stop it...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, May 07, 2009
'Constitutional battle': Last Walnut Street property owner plans to fight eminent domain in court
The Williamsport Sun-Gazette, PA - May 7, 2009
An 81-year-old man will face off against the Williamsport Redevelopment Authority and Susquehanna Health's 2012 Project in County Court...

Manor gives OK for sewer project
Lancaster New Era, PA - May 6, 2009
...May said LASA would either acquire the necessary easements by negotiations or by eminent domain. Rugh said she felt LASA was pitting the "easement people" against the "non-easement people."

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
City Hall to expand?
Lancaster New Era, Lancaster, PA - May 5, 2009
...The city's acquisition of the property by eminent domain comes at the request of the new owners, the mayor said. It would allow them to avoid early-repayment penalties on money borrowed to purchase the building...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Tuesday, May 05, 2009
$50,000 for a few hours' work
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - May 5, 2009
...That's the job description for the politically wired people on the city's three-member Board of View, which hears appeals from those whose properties are seized through eminent domain...

Paint-Elk authority irons out legal wrinkles
The Clarion News, Clarion, PA - May 5, 2009
...Authority members discussed using eminent domain to acquire the right to cross the rail bed, but noted railroad property laws are complex and the legal fees could cost more and take more time than agreeing to Kovalchick’s terms...

Fraccing draws scrutiny in Pennsylvania
Upstream, London, England - May 4, 2009
Natural gas companies rushing to exploit Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania have launched a public relations campaign to calm fears the bonanza is contaminating water with toxic chemicals...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, May 04, 2009
Gas drillers battle Pennsylvania pollution concerns
Bakersfield Now, CA (Reuters) - May 4, 2009
...As a sulfurous smell wafted from the rig, two tanker trucks marked "residual waste" drove from the site. "My land is gone," she said. "The government took it away, and they have destroyed it."...

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Friday, May 01, 2009
Report: Tougher rules helping
The Morning Call, Allentown, PA - May 1, 2009
...Together the entities have created a blighted property plan that identifies trouble early with an eye toward cleaning up the properties or taking them through eminent domain...

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