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Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, August 29, 2011
Mount Wolf sportsmen's club seeks ag security status
York Dispatch,York, PA – Aug 27, 2011
Property owners will be protected from nuisance lawsuits, such as people complaining about farm smells, Pam Shellenberger, chief of the county's long range program, said. It will also give the property owner protection from eminent domain…

PUC is expected to grant Laser utility status
The Times-Tribune, Scranton,PA – Aug 26, 2011
The Public Utility Commission rejected requests to reconsider granting utility status and eminent domain authority to a local natural gas collection and gathering company...

Editorial: Must target tax delinquents
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA – Aug 26, 2011
State Rep. John Taylor (R., Phila.) is pushing the necessary state authorizing legislation. Land banks would be voluntary arrangements, and they would not have the power of eminent domain…

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, August 25, 2011
EPA meets with Pa. residents over drilling fears
PittsburghTribune-Review, PA (Associated Press) – Aug 25, 2011
Scroggins, a resident of one of the townships through which the pipeline will run, is among the parties formally opposing Laser's effort to secure public utility status for the pipeline. That would give the company the power of eminent domain over private property...

Easton targets first six vacant buildings
The Express-Times, Easton, PA – Aug 24, 2011
If violations are not remedied, the buildings can be certified as blighted, allowing the redevelopment authority to take the properties through eminent domain…

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, August 22, 2011
69 News week in review
WFMZ-TV69, Allentown, PA – Aug 20, 2011
Mayor Pawlowski said the sale of some of the properties is more difficult because the owners live out of state. He said the city may use eminent domain to acquire them…

Lawsuits flow over Texas pipelines
The Wall Street Journal, New York, NY – Aug 19, 2011
Condemnation suits have jumped in other communities where energy companies have ramped up production, increasing demand for pipelines. Pipeline companies in Pennsylvania filed 61 lawsuits in 2009 compared with 16 in 2008, according to federal court records, as producers unlocked greater volumes of natural gas from the rock layer known as the Marcellus shale…

Allentown authority takes out $35 million credit line for arena
The Morning Call, Allentown, PA – Aug 18, 2011
Mayor Ed Pawlowski has said the 8,500-seat arena for the minor league Phantoms will help transform Allentown's struggling downtown. He has notified property owners in its path that if they don't accept the city's offer for their property, the city would have to take their land by eminent domain…

Some residents unhappy with new York Township map
York Daily Record, York, PA – Aug 18, 2011
Another township resident objected to language in the official map ordinance. It states that "the township can use eminent domain to take the land," John Bowders said…

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Thursday, August 18, 2011
Mayor: Hockey arena headed for downtown Allentown
WFMZ-TV69,Allentown, PA – Aug 17, 2011
The only question now is how many businesses will face a judge due to eminent domain?...

Property owner opts out of arena financing district
The Morning Call,Allentown, PA – Aug 17, 2011
The city initially targeted Schneider's land for the hockey arena. That wasn't good for his business, either, Schneider said. Several of his tenants departed for new locations, expecting the city to use eminent domain to take the property…

New pipelines in the works for Marcellus Shale
York Dispatch, York, PA (Associated Press) – Aug 17, 2011
…The projects are already employing thousands of contract workers and bringing work to steel mills, welders, gravel quarries and landscapers. At the same time, they are generating concerns about air and water pollution and eminent domain issues…

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Lunch prices going up 25 cents
The Reading Eagle, Reading, PA – Aug 16, 2011
The land will be taken by eminent domain and will not affect the parking lot or building, he said…

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, August 08, 2011
Gas land pooling discussion revived in Harrisburg
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PA – Aug 7, 2011
…Mr. Everett said he was the subject of severe backlash from those who viewed the policy as an eminent-domain procedure for private companies…

Times In-Depth: Erie's endless fight against blight
Erie Times-News, PA – Aug 7, 2011
…The program identifies problem properties and attempts to get the owner to fix up the mess. If city officials can't find the owner, or the owner won't respond, the city attempts to obtain the property through eminent domain, with the hope of eventually getting the property razed or in the hands of a new owner who will repair it…

Allentown's goal: Avoid eminent domain
The Morning Call, Allentown, PA – Aug 6, 2011
…Four months later, as challenges to the city's eminent domain filings slogged their way through the legal system, an exasperated Mayor Sal Panto Jr. asked the city's attorneys how much longer the court wrangling could take. Quite a while, they told him...

Seizing of Brownsville land parcels ruled OK
The Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh, PA – Aug 6, 2011
…A Fayette County judge has ruled against an Allegheny County developer who claimed he suffered economic harm by the taking of some of his Brownsville properties through eminent domain…

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Wednesday, August 03, 2011
Covington mulling legal options over proposed power line project
The Times-Tribune, Scranton, PA – Aug 3, 2011
…Eminent domain could be involved, but company officials have said they will negotiate with landowners on acquiring easements for the power line…

Next step in middle school renovation: Eminient domain
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, PA – Aug 3, 2011
…the Williamsport Area School Board approved in a 7-0 vote the authorization to proceed with eminent domain proceedings to obtain ownership of the property…

Pennsylvania eminent domain news

Monday, August 01, 2011
Editorial: Marcellus commission leaves door open on impact fee, pooling
The Patriot-News, Harrisburg, PA – Jul 31, 2011
The take-away on pooling, however, is the “eminent domain/property rights” argument that has dominated the debate thus far might be off the mark…

Opinion – Eric Epstein: 'Forced pooling' is corporate socialism
York Daily Record, PA – Jul 29, 2011
The Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Code is commonly known as the Property Rights Protection Act (2006). The PRPA specifically provides that the exercise by a condemning authority to take privately-owned property by eminent domain for use by private enterprises is prohibited, except for certain limited exceptions that primarily pertain to blighted property…

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